Authors, writing a book is not easy!

With the hours that we pour into our stories, from that initial messy draft to multiple edits and the final revision, it is laborious, at best. This doesn’t even include the workshops and conferences, writing groups, online courses, critique groups and all that we do to make our writing as great as it can be.

Indie Books Unleashed was created to help authors by getting their books into the hands of new readers, in new markets. Big picture is to see the publishing world swept off its feet by the flurry of self-published books that change hands around the country. Note: Your initial membership fee with Indie Books Unleashed, LLC is for a lifetime. Any additional books that you self-publish may also be listed on IBU’s website for just $39 per publication.

On the site, you will have the opportunity to include the information about yourself and your books(s):

  • Your professional / author headshot
  • Your book cover with a ‘Purchase Me’ link to buy!
  • Plus, up to 100 word info about you and / or what you write.

You will also have access to a personalized letter that you can download from the site. This letter will introduce yourself, thank the reader for choosing your book and request an online review (or two!) of your novel. In your personalized letter, you can include all of the following information:

  • A more detailed description about yourself and why you write.
  • A request for review, sharing the importance of reviews to authors.
  • And, a reminder to put your book back in circulation through a participating location for another read to enjoy!
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Authors, please note that IBU’s participating locations may be family and children oriented. Therefore, though we believe that all books have merit, we do request that no books in the genre of erotica or abject horror be included in this program. Simply put, use your best judgement when sending off your book. Thank you!

Indie Books Unleashed is a community of authors helping one another to succeed. All IBU Authors will have the option to download the IBU seal of membership. They can then use this seal on their personal website, in their email signature, Tweet it out… any opportunity to share and encourage other self-published authors to join the IBU community. Sign up and get your IBU seal today!