Thank you for Participating!

To Our Participating Shops:

Thank you for helping self-published authors get their books into the hands of readers!

Every writer has a story to tell, and not every book will be picked up by a ‘big-time’ publisher. In fact, 96% of books pitched are rejected. Many of those novels are great stories that should be heard, and be read.

Every participating location will receive a .pdf poster by email to print. Please hang up the poster in a visible location in your shop/store, so customers can see that you are participating and then look for authors’ books inside.

NOTE: You will not be responsible for books, nor sell them. You are simply agreeing to allow the books to be available at your location, much like the magazine pile which may already be there. Your customers will love seeing your participation, and enjoy the opportunity to find a great new read.

Here is a starter list of locations that make great participants in the Books in the Burbs program

  • Salons (Nail, Hair, Waxing, etc… )
  • Coffee shops
  • Dentist’s offices
  • Doctor’s offices (Ob/Gyn’s, Pediatricians, General Practitioners, etc.)
  • Orthodontist offices
  • Music Academies
  • Breakfast cafes
  • Boutiques
  • Gyms & Workout Facilities
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