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Authors, you know to set aside a number of your books that will be given away, right? DID YOU ALSO KNOW THAT IT IS NOW RECOMMENDED UP TO 80 COPIES OF A NEW RELEASE BE GIVEN AWAY? So, why not put those books into Indie Books Unleashed? With IBU, you can ship books anywhere across the country, get far more visibility, and earn more bang for your buck with readers and reviews.

Let’s face it… self-publishing can be expensive. From the fees of copy editing ($400+) to development editing ($1000+), book cover ($300+), the ISBN’s ($200+), and then getting your book formatted and ready to print ($500+), the cost can be overwhelming. Once your books are printed, Indie Books Unleashed provides the opportunity to increase readership and sales, but for much less money.

For just $47, you will receive ALL OF THE FOLLOWING BENEFITS:

  • 10 Indie Books Unleashed stickers to go on the front cover of your books before you ship them out.
  • 10 ‘Buy-me’ stickers that you’ll put on your books anywhere you like.
  • 4 Posters that you will bring to the locations that you approached about participating in the IBU program.
  • 1 Letter: a personalized letter than you can download and customize; this letter will be included inside your book, asking readers to (a) recirculate the book when they’re through reading, and (b) write a review for you at their site of choice, Good Reads, Amazon, etc.
  • IN ADDITION: Your name, headshot, email, website, and book(s) listed on our website, and you’ll have access to our ‘Unleashed’ community on our website and on Facebook.
  • FINALLY, through BookTweet, your book will be tweeted for ONE FULL day (24 hours). This BONUS is valued at $15 and is included in your IBU membership (Note: You can purchase additional days directly through BookTweet at

After you sign up, you simply ship your books to the markets you like, directly to participating locations around the country. Through IBU, you will have the opportunity to get your book out to dozens of new readers and potentially receive dozens of tweets and reviews!

The cost to join Indie Books Unleashed is minimal, but the real-world discoverability of your work is priceless!

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Please note that some of IBU’s participating locations are family and children oriented. Therefore, though we believe that all books have merit, we do request that no books in the genre of erotica or abject horror be included in the program. Simply put, use your best judgement when sending off your book. Thank you!

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Note: Your membership fee with Indie Books Unleashed, LLC is for a lifetime, and additional books may be listed on IBU’s website for just $39 per publication.

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