Hello! Writing is, as I say, my second chance at life…

Before this journey, I spent 20 years in executive sales in the healthcare industry and achieved my Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management. After my second child came along, I accepted a fantastic high-paying job. However, the job description listed the position with a 10% travel requirement, and yet six months later I found myself on work trips more than 80% of the time. Although my paycheck was great, I was rarely home and my family suffered.

It was then that I decided to leave the corporate world and pursue the dream that I had carried inside for as long as I can remember – that of writing a book!

Flash forward to now, five years later… I have written three books with another in the works. Admittedly, I was ‘green’ coming into this journey, and although most of that color has rubbed off, I am still learning more about the publishing industry and the profession of writing, every day. There are so many resources, groups, and classes out available, and I’ve enjoyed them all.

I have worked with a small traditional publisher, and I have published my own books (with set up and design through a great company called Jetlaunch, Inc., and printing through Create Space). In both scenarios, I found that receiving those boxes of new books was breathtaking… and overwhelming. It reminded me of when my husband and I brought our first child home and asked each other, “Okay… so what do we do now?”

My vision for Indie Books Unleashed is for Authors to help others Authors expanding reader base, market reach, and obtaining more reviews. Ultimately, to help Authors sell more books. Every self-published Author who signs up adds value to the program, and I hope to see Authors participate in all states across the country.

If you’ve just signed up, welcome and cheers! If you haven’t yet, consider the opportunity to obtain new readers where you would never have reached them before. And, as always, keep writing!