I spent 20 years in executive sales before opting to leave the corporate world to pursue my dream of becoming a writer.

Flash forward six years later, and I have written three novels – Falling Through Trees, This Side of Perfect, and The Days of Not So Long Ago. My latest manuscript is titled The Upended Life of Magnolia Clementine.

I saw and experienced the challenges that self-published authors face when it comes to marketing their work. My hope with IBU is that indie authors will get their books read and discovered and reviewed!

My vision for Indie Books Unleashed is for authors to help others authors by expanding their reader base and market reach. Ultimately, I hope to see IBU become the primary distribution method for indie authors nationwide!

Every self-published author who signs up adds value to the program . Through IBU, you have the opportunity to obtain new interested readers, readers you may never have reached before.

IBU is a new and creative model of book distribution that brings books to places where people go and wait. Sign up for IBU today, and put your book giveaways to good use… or get those books that have been stored in boxes out there for people to read!