Self-Publishing is Not for the Weary!

Truth be told, publishing a book is hard work. It starts with someone who has a gem of an idea that won’t leave them. It niggles their mind until they voluntarily regurgitate it onto the proverbial paper. From there, the day-to-day work of pounding out words begins… writing sentence after sentence, page after page, to form chapters and eventually a full-fledged novel. Scrivener is a fantastic writing program for novel creation, but the work is still in the daily grind.

Then, when they send the manuscript out for feedback, they often receive comments on their voice, plot, or character development that makes them want to shred the entire thing to bits. They edit it and edit some more, and again and again until their fingers are numb and they’ve torn out half their hair, until finally there is a finished product ready to go to print. Sounds like fun, right? Truth be told, we writers love every minute of it!

Writers who hope to become authors spend countless hours alone with their thoughts and ideas, forming driven and deranged characters and descriptive settings for them to live in, and the desirable language intended to ensnare our audience. Then once the book is done and ‘out there’, they have no choice but to open themselves up to criticism and feedback on their laboriously written work.

But how do self-published writers really get their books to interested readers without an advertising budget? How do they distribute their books on their own? And after books are sold to friends and family, how does a self-published author make a name for themselves?

There are great resources to help writers such as Reedsy, the Alliance of Independent Authors (Alli), The Indie Authors Group (IAG), Bublish, Where Writers Win, and many more. Yet so often, self-published authors get their ebooks on Kindle and Amazon, and then purchase boxes of them from a reputable print-shop such as Amazon’s Create Space… blast their work over Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc… only to have boxes and stacks of books sitting in their garage months later!

Fade in, Indie Books Unleashed, LLC, a new program designed to help self-published authors distribute and get their printed books into new markets, in readers’ hands, and obtain those coveted online book reviews. Indie Books Unleashed (IBU) circumvents the traditional methods of book distribution, just as independent authors have navigated outside of the world of the once-normal routes of publishing. This program brings the books to communities where readers are, at a reasonable cost with potentially great results with real world discoverability!

So, if you have a book that you’ve self-published, check out If you are a café, salon, doctor’s or dentist’s office, shop, etc… and would like to participate in IBU at no charge, then email us at

Why IBU? Because books are meant to be read!

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