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IBU: Indie Books Unleashed

Are You a Self-Published Author?
Do you need help getting readers and reviews?

We know… getting your book to print can be costly. We also know that not all writers understand HOW to sell their book once it’s in print. That’s why we started IBU: A program designed to help Indie Authors sell their books, find new readers, and get reviews!!

Indie Books Unleashed helps authors by (a) getting their books into new markets, and by (b) setting up local book signings to sell more books. IBU is a unique and innovative program that provides new book distribution opportunities for authors.


–  Ship your books to participating locations in any new markets , for real-world discoverability of your work.

–  Those participating locations allow customers to borrow, read, and return books. Your personalized letter encourages readers to follow you on FB, sign up for your newsletter, and write an honest online review.

–  IBU will also set up three LOCAL book singings for you, locations targeted for your book for optimum sales.

Indie Books Unleashed is a community-driven, economical program that gets books sold, read and reviewed.

With your ONE-TIME membership, you can join a growing community of
Self-Published Authors today! 

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Indie Books Unleashed will help you sell books and get reviews!

It’s super cool, and here’s how it works…

Principles of the Program:

  • LOCATIONS: Authors can choose to (a) bring in 3 of their own participating locations or (b) provide 6 business names and IBU will contact them for you.
  • LETTER: Download a personalized letter that asks readers to put your book back in ‘circulation’ after they’ve read it, AND to post a review. This letter is folded and sent inside each book.
  • STICKERS: IBU members will receive “Indie Authors Unleashed”  and “Buy me!” stickers for the books they will ship.
  • POSTERS: Authors will also receive posters to bring to the businesses that agreed to participate.
  • MEMBERSHIP: It’s just a one-time fee for your 1st book; add’l books include at a reduced rate.
  • DIY: Tips on how to approach businesses to participate

    The Many Author Advantages:

  • We know that not all writers are sales people.
  • IBU helps writers by getting their books to new markets, where authors can reach readers around the U.S. in a highly personalized way.
  • IBU authors’ books and headshots are listed on our website, as are all participating locations.
  • In addition to GoodReads and Amazon, an easy 1 – 5 Star REVIEW system is available on our site for readers.
  • And, once you’ve joined, you can download the IBU seal that identifies you as an IBU Indie Author for your own site, on FB, etc…
  • BONUS: IBU WILL ALSO SET UP THREE LOCAL BOOK SIGNINGS for you to sell, sell, sell!
  • View all U.S. participating locations here!

    Really… that’s all there is to it!

    IBU gets you new readers in new markets, AND sets up local book signings. You get more sales, more readers, and more reviews!

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