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Are You an Awesome, Self-Published Author?

Are you self-published and looking for new market opportunities for your work? Do you want more readers? How about more online reviews? We at Indie Books Unleashed created a program where together we can expand our book distribution and do so easily and economically.

We all know that getting your book to print can be costly and time-intensive. Receiving those boxes of new shiny books is a gift. But what comes next? There are book signings, online book pitches, forums, giveaways, and countless other ways to spend your money and your time trying to get your book into the hands of readers.


– You send your books to new places, in other states, to places such
as salons, doctor’s offices, dentist’s offices, cafe, car dealerships, etc…

– Locations agree to hang the IBU poster and allow an IBU “little library”
for their guests and customers to borrow, read, and return.

– Readers may take a book home; they may buy your book, and are they
are personally requested to write an online review on Amazon and GoodReads.

3 Facts About Indie Books Unleashed:

#1. IBU is a community-driven, fun and ECONOMICAL program that get authors’ books read and reviewed.

#2. With their membership, IBU members receive one FREE tweeting day through BookTweeters ($15 value!).

#3. Once you’ve joined our author community, you can download and use the super-cool IBU MEMBER SEAL.

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IBU is community-driven, with authors helping authors distribute their books. The goal? To get YOUR book read and reviewed!

It’s super cool, and here’s how it works..

Principles of the Program:

  • Self-published authors around the U.S. can join.
  • LOCATIONS: Authors can choose to either (A) bring in 3 of their own participating locations, OR (B) have IBU enlist participating locations for you by providing 6 business names for us to contact (NOTE: Membership price varies, accordingly).
  • LETTER: Download a personalized letter, asking readers to (A) put your book back in ‘circulation’ after they’ve read it, AND (B) reminding them to post an honest online review.
  • STICKERS: Via USPS, IBU members will then receive “Indie Authors Unleashed” stickers and “Buy me!” stickers for the books they will ship.
  • POSTERS: Authors will also receive really cool IBU posters to then bring to the businesses that have agreed to participate (Bring tape, too!).
  • REMEMBER: Your initial membership fee with Indie Books Unleashed, LLC is for a lifetime! Any additional books that you self-publish may be listed for a reduced rate.
Tips on How to Approach Businesses about Participating in This Fabulous Program!

The Many Author Advantages:

  • Authors get their books into readers’ hands, in brand new markets around the country!
  • IBU gets your books into the hands of new readers in a more personalized way.
  • Authors can search our list of locations and then ship their books anywhere they choose.
  • BOOKTWEET: IBU will tweet your book for one-day, 24-hour coverage! This $15 fee is included in your IBU membership! (Additional days may be purchased directly through BookTweet).
  • VISIBILITY: IBU authors’ books, headshots, and 1-5-star reviews are listed here.
  • IBU SEAL: Once you’ve joined, download the IBU seal that every self-published author will want!
  • REVIEWS: With your personalized letter, you can directly request online reviews (Reviews are like gold to authors!) and they even can review it here.
  • GIVEAWAYS: Authors are encouraged to give away dozens of books. Put those books into IBU, so your giveaways increase your reader base!
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Really… that’s all there is to it!

You can ship your books anywhere in the U.S.

IBU gives you the opportunity to gain new readers in new markets.

And, you ask readers directly to get those much-needed online reviews.

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