Looking for a Great Read?

Looking to Become an IBU Author?


Looking for a Great Read?

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Looking to Become an IBU Author?

IBU: Indie Books Unleashed

Self-Published Authors

Are you a self-published Author? Are you looking for new markets and opportunities to get your books in the hands of readers? So was I, and that’s why I created Indie Books Unleashed!

Working through other self-published authors, together we can expand our book distribution nationwide and do so economically. Let’s face it, getting your own book to print can be costly and time-intensive, and receiving those boxes of new shiny books in the mail is a gift…

How do you sell them? There are book signings, online book pitches, forums, giveaways, and countless other ways to spend your money and your time trying to get your book into the hands of readers. IndieBooksUnleashed is an easy and economical way to get new readers and book reviews in venues around the country.

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Simple and Cost-Effective.

Here’s how it works:

The Program:

  • Self-published Authors from around the country can join.
  • When an Author joins, he/she must list at least three locations that have agreed to participate. (Suggestions)
  • You will receive “Indie Authors Unleashed” stickers for the cover of your books, and “Buy me” stickers, as well.
  • You will receive “Indie Authors Unleashed” stickers for the cover of your books.
  • Download, and include a personalized letter inside your books for readers, asking them to put the book back in ‘circulation’ after they read it AND post a review!
  • NOTE: Your initial membership fee with Indie Books Unleashed, LLC is for a lifetime. Any additional books that you self-publish may be listed on IBU’s website for just $39 per publication.

Author Advantages:

  • All Authors’ books will be tweeted through BookTweet for a one-day, 24-hour coverage (additional days may be purchased through BookTweet); this is a $15 fee that’s INCLUDED with your IBU membership!
  • All Authors’ books and headshots will be listed on the site.
  • Authors can search through the list of locations and then ship their books to any of those locations they choose.
  • Participating locations will be listed for easy access to new markets nationwide.
  • Helps self-published authors get their books into the hands of new readers in a personalized way
  • Request reviews for their books (If you don’t already know, reviews are key).
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That’s all there is to it!

You can ship YOUR books ANYWHERE with the opportunity to gain NEW READERS and get those much-needed BOOK REVIEWS.